Ciao for now…

I am writing this technically after we have already said our goodbyes, as we are currently settling into our “off-season” life in Boise, Idaho. There are so many mixed emotions that surround our homecoming, and they continue to dilute and strengthen as time goes on. I truly feel that at this point in my life, I have two homes. Two completely different, opposite homes, but in both I feel love, friendship, purpose, adventure and comfort. I am so incredibly happy to be back in Idaho, with my dear friends, family, mountains, rivers, forests and specialty food items, but on a daily basis, I find myself wistfully longing for the beach, the water, the sun, the flora and fauna of Central America.

This year, we closed up shop on March 21, said our goodbyes, entrusted our long term renters with our lovely Casa Kaiki, (and one of our cats), and flew thousands of miles away. While those last few days were extremely busy, they weren’t without a great amount of reflection about the year that had passed, laughter for all the unexpected events and moments that came upon us, and goal setting and dreaming about the years to come in our Costa Rican paradise.

We learned to plant drought resistant vegetables, that can withstand extreme amounts of sun. We learned to empty the compost everyday to avoid critters and grossness in general. We learned the medicinal value of almost every plant, flower and tree growing at our villa. We learned to love waking up at dawn. We learned about secret beaches, good food and the incredible, tight-knit community of Avellanas.

We look forward to meeting more local friends and neighbors. We look forward to offering plant based breakfasts exclusively. We look forward to time spent in the ocean. We look forward to hosting more people from throughout the world.

But for now…. I appreciate and love the present. Bring it on, Idaho! Let’s have a great summer!

While we will be traveling to Avellanas several times during our off season, we won’t be opening for service until October of 2017. Please contact us if you have any questions, or would like to make a booking for something far in advance; we can definitely accommodate you.

Pura vida 🙂