We’ve been so lucky upon moving here that so quickly we were able to make such good friends. Two of those friends, Jackie and Junior, have been an integral part of our lives here, opening their home to us for pool days, sharing meals, making us laugh and giving us much needed advice on day to day living in Central America. In the few months that we’ve been here, we have already shared in so much meaningful time with them, their sweet pup, Harvey, and their cat, Benji. 

A few weeks ago, Jackie’s parents came to visit for the holidays and it was apparent that her mother was very sick. At this time, the whole family is staying in San Jose, indefinitely, as it was discovered that her mother has stage four lung cancer. 

Overnight, the family is facing gigantic medical bills as Jackie’s mother had to be airlifted to San Jose and was in the ICU for days. 

We would like to help Jackie and Junior by donating 20% of any new January bookings to their family. So, in case you needed just one more excuse to finally pull the trigger on that Costa Rican vacation… here it is!! By staying with us, you will be contributing to some very lovely, very appreciative and generous people. Thank you in advance for helping us give to them. 

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