Las Medicinas

Let food be thy medicine, huh? 

Well, that quote surely rings true in Costa Rica. In just two weeks, we have learned so many uses for all the plants, fruits and vegetables that grace our beautiful southern country. 

Casa Kaiki already had a vast number of existing flora spread throughout the grounds, but over the last weeks, as we have learned of so many new species, we have been planting fruits and veggies non stop, while we still can, (before the dry season truly hits.) 

Here are some of the existing discoveries we made on the hacienda….

 Noni fruit 

I have never tried the actual fruit, but I have paid a lot of money for a small bottle of noni juice from the Boise co-op in the past! It is said to be beneficial for stomach aches and for joint pain. Most Americans consume noni as a juice or in a pill form, but we will try to add it to smoothies as do Ticos. 


Plantains can be eaten in so many stages of ripening. Scott prefers the platanos verdes, (still green), where they can be made into savory snacks like patacones. I prefer the plantanos maduros, (yellow and spotty), because they are the most sweet and I like to fry them in coconut oil. 


So… technically our coconut palms are far from producing. But our neighbor has mature trees, and he has been so gracious to share while ours are still growing. 


Just a few weeks away from ripening, our papaya tree is Hawaiian Papaya and is said to be the sweetest variety.


You could say we are swimming in limes!! We have about 12 like trees at Casa Kaiki, although only four are mature enough to produce.

New plantings…


These little fruits are sold on the side of the road everywhere. They kind of taste like a mango, but not quite as sweet. They have a large pit and are a great portable snack. 


Yucca is a root vegetable, like a potato, and is prepared as such. 


Ready to soothe sunburns aplenty.


Two more trees ready to plant, which will give us nine total. 

More to come!!! Pura vida 😎

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