Doing Work

We have fallen into a routine over the last week… wake at 5:00, plant, garden and paint until about 10:00, break for lunch and then run errands until dark, which is when we return home, cook dinner and fall into an early and deep sleep until the next day. 

It’s a job unlike any other we’ve experienced, but the sun, sweat and dirt are all reminders of the adventure we’re pursuing and the possibilities of the near future. 

Our gardening has come to a halt for now, however, as we learned that a full moon will arrive tomorrow, and one should not plant anything three days prior or after. Nevertheless, we were able to relocate some palms and plantains over the last week, which look stunning with everything else that is already here. 

Two of our rooms will be ready by next week, and at that time we will post our link and hopefully begin welcoming guests shortly after. The high season begins in November, so we are hoping that our timing is perfect. 

Keep up with our Instagram and our Facebook page. We will post more on our blog as our wifi will hopefully return over the next few days. 

¡Pura vida!

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