We made it!

We are now home, in Avellanas. Very surreal, but very very exciting. Our last several days have been spent running errands, setting up bills and accounts, shopping, with a little beach time mixed in and of course, lots and lots of coffee. 

We arrived at the tail end of the rainy season, and man has it been wet! So everything that we’ve been doing, we’ve been doing in the rain. The wet will end in about two weeks, so until then we will just appreciate it all for the sake of our plants and trees. 

The most exciting thing over these last few days has been to see all the changes that have been going on at Kaiki while we’ve been away. The Canopy Room, which has gone from nightmare to heaven on Earth, is almost completely finished. The shower details are going in next week, and then it’s ready! 

New deck, new floors, new railings. It really has gone from night to day. 

On the unfortunate side of things, we realized that we thought we could open for business immediately, but in order to offer the quality we want to share with our guests, it seems like we are about three weeks out. However, we will post the Airbnb link soon, so guests can begin booking rooms in mid November. 

Until then, stay tuned and stick with us! Please message us if you have any questions about bookings. 

¡Pura vida! 

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