Doing Work

We have fallen into a routine over the last week… wake at 5:00, plant, garden and paint until about 10:00, break for lunch and then run errands until dark, which is when we return home, cook dinner and fall into an early and deep sleep until the next day. 

It’s a job unlike any other we’ve experienced, but the sun, sweat and dirt are all reminders of the adventure we’re pursuing and the possibilities of the near future. 

Our gardening has come to a halt for now, however, as we learned that a full moon will arrive tomorrow, and one should not plant anything three days prior or after. Nevertheless, we were able to relocate some palms and plantains over the last week, which look stunning with everything else that is already here. 

Two of our rooms will be ready by next week, and at that time we will post our link and hopefully begin welcoming guests shortly after. The high season begins in November, so we are hoping that our timing is perfect. 

Keep up with our Instagram and our Facebook page. We will post more on our blog as our wifi will hopefully return over the next few days. 

¡Pura vida!

We made it!

We are now home, in Avellanas. Very surreal, but very very exciting. Our last several days have been spent running errands, setting up bills and accounts, shopping, with a little beach time mixed in and of course, lots and lots of coffee. 

We arrived at the tail end of the rainy season, and man has it been wet! So everything that we’ve been doing, we’ve been doing in the rain. The wet will end in about two weeks, so until then we will just appreciate it all for the sake of our plants and trees. 

The most exciting thing over these last few days has been to see all the changes that have been going on at Kaiki while we’ve been away. The Canopy Room, which has gone from nightmare to heaven on Earth, is almost completely finished. The shower details are going in next week, and then it’s ready! 

New deck, new floors, new railings. It really has gone from night to day. 

On the unfortunate side of things, we realized that we thought we could open for business immediately, but in order to offer the quality we want to share with our guests, it seems like we are about three weeks out. However, we will post the Airbnb link soon, so guests can begin booking rooms in mid November. 

Until then, stay tuned and stick with us! Please message us if you have any questions about bookings. 

¡Pura vida! 


We are on our final countdown, here in Idaho… in one week from tomorrow, we will be boarding a plane with lots of bags, two cats, sunscreen and our vitamix, heading to our new home.

The last couple of weeks here have been incredibly bittersweet, as we say goodbye to friends and family, all the while getting anxious about all that is to come.

One of the things we are looking forward to the most is seeing, first-hand, all the work that has been done to Casa Kaiki since we bought it.

While much of the property was finished, and done so beautifully, about half of the property and its living spaces were in need of some serious TLC. So much so that we would have been unable to do it ourselves and we were lucky to find Carlos, our contractor.

Casa Kaiki is settled on just shy of an acre of land, half a mile from the beach. The beach itself is called Playa Avellanas; however, there is no town, perse. The Playa Avellanas community is made up of homes, several small hostels and hotels, and about the same number of cafes and quaint restaurants.

Our home is made up of two separate properties: House one, which has three rooms, all with their own bathroom and patio, and a kitchen.

The other property, House two, is just across the yard, and has two rooms, again with their own bathrooms and a kitchen. We live in house one, in one of the rooms, thus leaving us four additional rooms for guests. Each bedroom has a full bed and a twin bed, so two or three people can be accommodated easily.

House one is more or less ready to go, save a few minor improvements and changes. Carlos and his crew are working on House two daily. The room that has seen the most renovation lately is located in House two and is called the Canopy Room, as it is located on the second story and feels like a snug and cozy tree house. The ceilings are extremely high and the bright walls offer such peace and tranquilty. When we first saw this room, in July, Scott and I wanted to run screaming in the other direction.
But it truly has been amazing what Carlos has done to it over the last few months.

Unfortunately, photos of the interiors will have to wait a week, but we’ve been so excited to share the progress with everyone. Pura vida 😉


Day Tripping (Part 1)

Oddly enough, Scott and I have very limited Costa Rica experience thus far. I’ve been there once (!) and Scott has been there twice at this point. I know that it seems extreme to buy a business and a home in a country that we have barely explored, but that’s part of the adventure, I guess. There is so much more of Costa Rica yet to be discovered by us, and we are itching for it.

While on our “scouting” trip in July, we high-tailed it to a few different towns and beaches to attempt to soak up as much of the Pura Vida that we possibly could in such a short time period.

We took a drive down to Samara, a small beach town on the Nicoya peninsula and were so glad that we did. Far less tourists find their way here and the energy is fantastic. We stayed in a lush bed and breakfast, full of flowering native plants and trees full of howler monkeys. The beach nearby, Carillo Beach was spectacular.

We were able to sip on fresh Pipa and swim in the warm water without the crowds of some of the bigger cities.

We then headed inland, into the cloud forest, to a place called Bijagua: a VERY small town, that serves as a great jumping-off point for adventure in the mountains and nearby national parks.

On our way back to Avellanas, we stumbled upon the waterfall, Llanos de Cortez. It’s majestic beauty sneaks up on you, as it is a little difficult to find and appears out of nowhere.

Hopefully “Day Tripping Part 2” can include Tenorio National Park, Monteverde and Arenal!