Our closing date is set and is approaching quickly! It’s hard to believe that very soon, we will be opening up our bed and breakfast, our labor of love, and hosting guests from around the world.

It was a big leap of faith (and guts) to quit our jobs, buy a somewhat dilapidated bed and breakfast in another country, with the intention of packing up the cats, beach towels and protein powder come October, and immigrating down south. It is not without fear that we are making such a jump, but everything in our hearts has told us that this is the right thing to do.

We feel so lucky to offer such lovely accommodations in the most magical setting of Playa Avellanas, Costa Rica, from November of this year. Please contact if you have any questions about booking, or if you need help planning a trip. We would love to help build fun and unique itineraries so that you can enjoy Costa Rica to its fullest.

Contact us directly for booking, or you can book through, beginning in late October-early November. We will be updating this website often, so watch for new announcements and more concrete opening dates.